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Makeup Rejuvenation Tricks

If you're past a certain age, seeing yourself in the mirror might be a great ordeal already. We have some good make-up tricks that will "reduce" your age and rejuvenate your skin.

Take out the shining make-up

Once the wrinkles show up, avoid the shining make-up because it shows the obvious defects in the skin, especially wrinkles. The silky or matte eye make-ups hide the texture of your skin and hide wrinkle lines. Set shades of peach or champagne from the eyelashes to the eyebrow area to lighten-up your eyes. If you have circles round the eyes then use shades of cream with which to cover the entire eyelid for a more natural appearance.

Younger lips with gloss

With aging, the lips become thinner and dryer. Dark shaded or matte lipsticks will highlight the lips and emphasize the drying parts. The gloss volumes-up your lips, but it doesn't last as much as the lipstick. So, use the lipstick first, then set a transparent gloss over with greater consistency, so the color doesn't extend.

Balancing the colors

What's too much can mess everything up - especially in terms of a red rouge, pink blush or eye vivid make-up that will make you look old. Color is important, but it is better to use snapchat spy the neutral colors, or use a single bright shade. Thus, if you paint your lips and cheeks with vivid colors, then use a neutral color for the eyes, this will balance the colors correctly. The same principle applies if you want a make-up of dramatic eyes, set the color of your lips and cheeks with natural shades.

Covering-up won't help

It's quite tempting to cloak the skin, especially at a certain age and with such a variety of products on the market. But too much powder or foundation cream fills the wrinkle lines emphasizing them. Before using foundation cream, hydrate your skin well for a smooth application. Ideally, the skin should allow your natural shades to show; and don't set it with your fingers, use a sponge or a brush instead. If you have pronounced eye-rings, then avoid any product with yellow shades that will make your skin look ashy.

Loose the dark eyeliner and highlight your eyebrows instead

Some other consequence of aging is that the eyes shrink a bit and their outside corner points downwards. The black eyeliner is too brutal, so you should use tenuous shades of a brown eyeliner powder based and not liquid, with which to draw very thin lines. To highlight your eyes , color your eyebrows with a pencil using their natural shade. It'll give you the lifting illusion, drawing the attention upwards, not downwards. Don't skip the eyelash curling. This allows lightening the eyes.

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