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A Short History Of Oak Furniture

This is brief history of oak furniture from the beginning of known pieces to the current day. Oak has gone from being the only furniture around to being a most prized item due to its wonderful grain and hard wearing properties.
Oak has been used for furniture making for a very long time. The earliest documented pieces stem from the Dark Ages. Oak trees used to cover the land in Europe and England, as it was so easy to come by, everyone used it to make furniture. Oak is a strong, dense wood, very tough and long lasting and with a tight open grain that makes it perfect for furniture making. Furniture made of oak has lasted hundreds of years and readily survives the toughest was originally used on ships because of its water resistant properties, and today is often used for flooring.
At first furniture consisted mainly of benches made for the wealthy to sit on. The first furniture was basic and functional; the appearance was rough and clumsy. As the societies developed so did wooden furniture manufacturer bangladesh railway train time and all items, people discovered chests were good for keeping personal thing safe and cupboards could be used to keep cups in!
From the Middle Ages furniture became more ornate. It was still functional, but now decorated and larger than before. The middle classes were getting wealthy and had money to spend and they wanted to show their wealth off. They had master craftsmen design individual items of furniture that would be engraved with names and dates of important events such as births or marriages. Master craftsmen had to spend many years in apprenticeship and training to become members of the Guild of Craftsmen the only proof of quality at the time. Furniture was constructed using traditional joining methods e.g. dovetailing. These details today are still an important measure of the quality of a piece of furniture. The dense grain of oak leans itself towards hand carving and it was prominent in many items of furniture and paneling. The British House Of Commons has prime examples of quality wood panels. At this time oak was generally a dark wood.
Oak furniture was popular for a long time, but was overtaken by lighter woods from Europe in the 17th century.
Mission oak furniture arrived in America in the early 20th century, during the time of the American Arts and Crafts movement. The design at this time included very simple clean lines, exposed joints, varnished timber and natural upholstery fabrics. Mission furniture is still popular today.
During the years between the world wars, contemporary oak furniture arrived, At this time there was a scarcity of oak in Europe due to the effects of the bombing in the First World War. This lead to furniture designs that made the most of the qualities of oak, but in a minimalist way, the furniture was lighter in weight. From the eighties skilled cabinet makers started to used oak again, as did commercial companies and there is now a wide range of styles and colors of oak to choose from.

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